• I want to remove the gas oven and install a built-in gas cooktop and storage cabinet. Is that possible?

    it’s possible. Simply attach the lower cabinet and top plate to the space where the gas oven was removed and install a built-in gas cooktop on the top plate.

    (Construction methods may vary depending on site conditions, so please contact a LG Kitchen Specialty partners in advance.)

  • Can’t I just use the built-in dishwasher without it?

    There is no problem at all in using the product.

    However, since built-in products are manufactured to be combined with furniture, if the furniture is not combined, the body itself does not come out as a finished product, making it

    visually unsightly. Please keep this in mind.

  • Is it impossible to replace it once installed?

    Replacement is possible after installation. You can reinstall the product as long as the built-in installation space is secured.

  • Can I remove the sink, a built-in appliance attached to kitchen furniture, without damaging it?

    Built-in products can of course be removed and reinstalled.

    There is a risk of scratches on kitchen furniture or products, so please contact a professional built-in installation engineer for reinstallation. also call to LG expert can advise how to do

  • What if you want to change your kitchen with LG built-in products?

    If it is a built-in product (gas oven, Cooking hob), it must be installed according to the kitchen furniture, so you should contact a kitchen furniture company or interior design company to check the type and size of the kitchen furniture. After consultation, if the installation space for the built-in product is secured, you can request the kitchen furniture company to install the LG built-in product. (Currently, LG built-in products are being consulted and sold at LG Premium Brand shop also multi brand dealer stores, and kitchen interior specialty).

  • What if you want to replace just the product after decorating your kitchen with built-in products?

    The existing built-in product can be dismantled and replaced with another built-in product.

    But, need to check dimensions of existing built in product to fit new one.